Determining the Thickness of Glass Partition Walls

Glass partitions have wide ranging applications that include shower doors, storefronts, museum exhibits, and office partitions. The thickness of a glass partition wall is highly dependent on its application — what it is used for and where it is located. What Are Glass Partition Walls? Glass partition walls are non load-bearing walls used to create separated spaces in a larger … Read More

The Best Glass Partition Options for New York City Offices

Glass Partition NYC - The Best New York City Offices Options

As the COVID-19 pandemic grew in 2020, many people fled large cities for suburbs and even the more rural exurbs, leaving many to wonder about the fate of big cities like New York. As vaccines have become available, and nearly 75% of people aged 5 and up have received at least one dose, people are becoming more comfortable returning to … Read More

Different Glass Enclosure Options for Offices

Glass Enclosures for Offices: Explore Different Options

Any given office is going to have many needs. Employees need to work in an environment conducive to productivity. Clients must feel welcome and comfortable, and spaces need to accommodate a range of activities from collaboration to individual work, to large meetings. In today’s world, offices also have to deal with safety due to COVID-19 concerns. It’s important to create … Read More

The Best Way to Order and Install a Black Frame Glass Wall

Black Frame Glass Wall: Best Way to Order & Install

For a sleek, industrial look, a black frame glass wall creates an edgy and clean partition. Many modern industrial spaces are large and open, with high ceilings and exposed ductwork and other infrastructure elements. These open spaces lend themselves well to modern black frame partition systems to create designated spaces while adding to the overall aesthetic. We’ll walk you through … Read More

How Much Do Glass Partition Walls Cost?

Glass partition walls cost

With any project, cost is typically a major factor in decision making. So whether you’ve chosen to incorporate glass partition walls into an existing space or install them in a new construction, the cost of glass partition walls is probably at the forefront of your mind — and budget.  Some systems use various components to create a glass wall, and … Read More

11 Tempered Glass Office Wall Panel Design Ideas

Tempered glass wall panels

For offices, tempered glass wall panels offer the ability to separate workspaces while the toughened glass provides additional safety. Avanti Systems offers the choice of glass — tempered, laminated, low iron, and LCD privacy glass — with our glass partition systems. What Is Tempered Glass? Tempered glass is sometimes referred to as “toughened glass.” As a result of its manufacturing … Read More

The Most Attractive Temporary Office Wall Systems

The appearance of COVID-19 in 2020 turned the working world — along with the rest of the world — upside down. Offices that had been filled with employees and clients emptied in favor of a work-from-home model that we all had to figure out as we went.  As people begin their long awaited return to the office, companies are working … Read More

Can Partition Walls Be Soundproof and Movable?

The short answer to the question of whether or not partition walls can be soundproof and movable is: Yes. The long answer reveals a variety of options that can meet nearly any need in any space. Common disruptions in a space include talking, typing, and the dings and beeps of notifications. Add to that the less noticeable, but still distracting, … Read More

5 Benefits of Demountable Architectural Walls

Flexible architecture, as it relates to a space’s ability to be “malleable, movable, and multi-purpose,” is increasingly becoming the goal in modern design, and more and more companies are turning to flexible architecture to meet the changing needs of their space. To achieve this goal, it is essential to choose materials that encourage an environment of innovation while supporting the … Read More

The Best Commercial Glass Swing Door Solutions

The Best Commercial Glass Swing Door Solution

A commercial space must walk the line between being completely functional and aesthetically pleasing while also encouraging productivity and focus. For this to happen, the design needs to be well thought out and incorporate materials that achieve each goal.  Swinging glass doors, whether they are pivot or hinged, help to bring the look and function of a room together while … Read More