4 Reasons Frosted Glass Partitions Are Beneficial for Today’s Offices

Frosted Glass Office Partitions

In today’s offices, glass partitions have become a go-to design element that creates a bright and open work environment while still preserving levels of privacy that are sometimes necessary to complete the day’s work. The benefits of glass partitions in an office space are wide-ranging and include higher levels of productivity, a feeling of connection with the office as a whole, and the flexibility to customize office space to individual design specifications.

Frosted Glass Partitions Benefits

Glass partitions offer the option of customized frosted glass that allows for a variety of additional benefits, including increased privacy, positive working relationships, and better health amongst the office staff. Choosing frosted glass partitions is a great option for today’s offices to optimize both employee health and productivity.

1. Increased Privacy With Frosted Glass Room Partition

One of the most popular modern office design trends is an open office that fosters collaboration, increases natural light, raises aesthetic appeal, and encourages creativity and imagination. Even in an open office setting, however, some offices, conference rooms, or meeting rooms require additional privacy. Frosted glass room partitions create the ability to reap the benefits of glass partitions while adding additional privacy for those working inside the space.

Increased Privacy With Frosted Glass Room Partition

The frosted glass partition can be customized to create spaces for privacy. In a space where privacy is essential or desired, as in the space above, the frosted glass office partition can have a large frosted area while still welcoming light to flow into the room through the transparent sections at the top and side.

Increased Privacy With Frosted Glass Divider Walls

On the other side of the spectrum, these smaller meeting rooms take advantage of frosted glass divider walls while still leaving lots of transparent space, creating a connection with the office as a whole while still maintaining privacy for those working inside the rooms.

2. Positive Working Relationships With Frosted Glass Office Partitions

In an office environment, it’s important to find the right balance of private and common space in order to foster positive working relationships among employees. These spaces promote positive working relationships since the staff is able to come together to collaborate, but they also have their own space in which to work quietly. Frosted glass office partitions allow offices to strike this balance perfectly, helping to create a positive working atmosphere.

Positive Working Relationships With Frosted Glass Office Partitions

In the individual offices seen above, the frosting on the glass reaches halfway up the partition, allowing staff to view the larger office and feel connected to their coworkers while still maintaining privacy in their own individual offices. This design element helps to promote positive working relationships as staff is able to avoid interrupting one another and can choose the optimal time to ask for help or collaboration.

In an office with traditional walls or cubicles, it can be difficult to choose the right time to approach a colleague, and these interruptions can lead to decreased productivity. Frosted glass divider walls provide a limited view into offices which allows for the perfect amount of privacy while improving employee relationships. Because the frosting can be customized, each office can design their frosted glass partitions to create the optimal amount of privacy for their individual needs.

3. Higher Productivity With Frosted Glass Partition Walls

A greater connection to the office as a whole, along with the benefits of natural light means that frosted glass partition walls can result in higher productivity. In a survey conducted by Future Workplace of over 1,600 employees, the number one workplace attribute desired by employees is “access to natural light and views of the outdoors”.

Including frosted glass room partitions can allow the natural light from exterior windows to flood the room, reaching individual workspaces, allowing a greater number of employees to reap the benefits. This increased level of natural light increases employee well-being, as well as their productivity levels as they receive a natural energy boost from the influx of vitamin D, ushered in by the Sun. According to a study done at Cornell University, “workers in daylit office environments reported an 84 percent drop in symptoms of eyestrain, headaches, and blurred vision symptoms, which can detract from productivity.”

Higher Productivity With Frosted Glass Partition Walls

Allowing for transparency as well as privacy, frosted glass room partitions provide the best of both worlds and can save employees from unnecessary trips to find collaboration partners. With a quick glance, they can see who is available and who is busy while everyone can still maintain their own private space and high levels of productivity.

4. Better Health and Morale With Frosted Glass Divider Walls

Better Health and Morale With Frosted Glass Divider Walls

The inclusion of frosted glass divider walls in an office design helps employees maintain a connection to each other while simultaneously allowing for privacy and creating places for natural light to enter the office. Not only does natural light lead to increased employee productivity, it also leads to better employee health and morale overall.

Studies suggest that access to natural light throughout the workday can reduce levels of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during the winter months and can also improve nightly sleep duration and quality. Frosted glass partitions also reduce noise levels throughout the office and increase sound privacy, allowing employees to focus on the task at hand without noise distractions.

High levels of employee morale are attributed to increased levels of natural light, reduced noise throughout the office, and an atmosphere of collaboration. These factors can lead to higher levels of productivity and general office well-being. Incorporating frosted glass divider walls allows natural light, sound privacy, and an atmosphere of collaboration, providing employees with an environment that values their health and well-being. An environment that clearly values employee well-being can have far-reaching benefits not only for the office but for employees’ lives outside of work as well.

A beautiful office without the compromise

Choosing frosted glass office partitions allows for a beautiful office design without compromising privacy, health, productivity, or workplace morale. Privacy is maintained at varying levels depending on the frosted design on the glass.

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