Project Spotlight: Harley Davidson

When Avanti Systems was chosen to contribute to Harley-Davidson, we knew that it would be a project that would require a high level of customization to fully capture the spirit of Harley-Davidson and highlight the high-quality products that they produce.

Using a variety of Avanti’s products customized to their specifications, we were able to create an office space and showroom combination that is unique and eye-catching while still being incredibly functional. When you walk into their offices, there’s no doubt that they belong to Harley-Davidson.

Partition Systems

Combining a variety of partition systems within the facility meant that the ideal design was achieved for each individual area.

Atrium Wall Single Glazed Standoff System

To create the open feel of the atrium, the Atrio Alto™ Atrium Wall System was used. The atrium wall system allows light to flood into the interior common area and entry space.

Solare™ Acoustic Single Glazed Partition System

The full height Solare™ Acoustic Single Glazed Partition System was chosen for the conference room and installed in a curved configuration. Choosing a curved glass wall partition allowed for enough space to include a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, enhancing the feel of the conference room and integrating the company culture.

Lunar™ Smart Glass

Not only does the conference room feature a unique curved design, but it also utilizes Lunar™ LCD Privacy Smart Glass that allows the glass to switch from transparent to translucent in seconds, creating privacy when needed and an open feel when it isn’t.

Movare™ Movable Glazed Partition System

For the common area display room, the Movare™ Movable Glazed Partition System creates the flexibility to slide the walls to one side, welcoming employees and visitors to admire the Harley-Davidson products that are highlighted in the display.

The Harley-Davidson logo takes this glass partition to the next level. The custom frosting not only helps identify the brand, but it enhances the overall design aesthetic while demonstrating the values of Harley-Davidson.


Pivot Frameless Swing Doors

Pivot Frameless Swing Doors were used throughout the project and fit both straight and curved configurations. These two-way pivoting doors were the perfect choice for both looks and function.

Eclipse™ Sliding Glass Barn Doors

For quiet, open and close and instant privacy, Eclipse™ Sliding Glass Barn Doors were used to partition off areas that can be open to welcome clients and closed to maintain a quiet space for meetings.

Framework and Fittings

Aluminum Framework

The Aluminum Framework on the movable wall system was finished with the RAL 9006 Metallic Silver Powder Coating for a sleek, industrial look.

Door Fittings

Door fittings and hardware feature a brushed stainless steel finish.

These unique wall systems from Avanti Systems will complement any office decor and can be customized to feature one-of-a-kind designs to highlight your brand, the same way that they have captured the spirit of Harley Davidson.