Enhance Student Learning with Glass School Partitions

School Partitions

  Today’s schools are being intentionally designed to support and enhance student learning. This means that they are a far cry from the cinder block walls and desks aligned in rows that many of us remember. Along with the need for spaces that encourage learning and collaboration comes the need for unique building materials that create a sense of community … Read More

Let Your Product Shine by Using Glass Walls for Your Retail Business

Retail Glass Walls

  Whether your business is located in a mall, an airport, or a standalone building, the advantages of installing glass walls in your retail space are numerous. Not only do they provide the superior light flow that is essential to showcasing your products, but they also create opportunities for you to reach customers even when you’re closed. With a huge … Read More

Structural Glass Walls Are the Perfect Solution for Large Spaces

Structural Glass Walls

Many times when designing an office or retail space, the size of the space can become overwhelming, and introducing structural walls to define the various spaces can create problems from expensive remodeling to blocking the flow of natural light, creating even more problems. Finding a solution that is flexible and complements a modern design can be a challenge, which is … Read More

7 Benefits of Incorporating Glass Office Partitions in Hospitals

Hospital Partitions and Modern Hospital Building

  Over the years, hospitals have undergone a significant transformation. What used to be regarded as a design that was impersonal and sterile has now become one that puts patients first and creates environments conducive to healing. Balancing the needs of patient privacy and confidentiality with their need of spaces that encourage healing is not an easy task, however. Hospitals … Read More

Partition Doors Help to Further Customize a Glass Partition System

Glass partitioning systems can be used as freestanding wall systems with open entryways, but adding partition doors can turn glass wall systems into a complete room. Utilizing door partitions can increase the levels of privacy and noise reduction while adding an aesthetic touch to an office design. Avanti Systems offers a wide variety of partition doors that, when paired with … Read More

13 Modern Design Ideas that Incorporate Floor-to-Ceiling Glass Doors

Floor to Ceiling Glass Doors

Make spaces appear larger with floor to ceiling glass doors Many modern design trends seek to create spaces that are as large, or that seem as large, and as open as possible. Dark spaces and cave-like rooms are quickly becoming a thing of the past as designers for both commercial and residential spaces find ways to bring natural light and … Read More

Office Dividers: What They Are, What They Do, and Why You Need Them?

Incorporating office dividers into an office design can have an incredible number of benefits on employee morale and productivity. Open concept offices are a current trend, and while there are definitely advantages to an open area where collaboration can happen naturally, it is still essential to a productive workplace to create private spaces where people can work and think. Office … Read More

3 Things to Consider When Designing an Office Renovation

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It’s no secret that office design has undergone a revolution in recent years. Offices used to be drab, with bland designs that offered little to interest its employees. Modern office designs have become vibrant and exciting, welcoming both employees and clients alike and providing daily inspiration. Office Renovation Design Considerations With this in mind, designing an office renovation can be … Read More

6 Advantages of Installing Modern Office Partitions

Modern Office Partitions

Partitioning an office into private workspaces used to mean installing cubicle walls or traditional, and permanent, drywall partitions. This idea has become outdated in recent years due to a number of factors. This type of separation inhibits collaboration, blocks natural light, and creates a drab office that doesn’t inspire creativity or productivity. As the modern office evolves into a collaborative … Read More

6 Benefits of Installing Glass Walls vs. Drywall

Creating an office that is both functional and inspiring isn’t easy. It requires great planning and attention to the needs of the company as well as its employees and clients. When designing an office space, especially one that is an open area in need of walls and partitions, one big decision is whether to stick to the traditional drywall or … Read More