Remote Control Sliding Door Benefits for Your Office

Remote Control Sliding Door

There are times when a meeting that originally was taking place in an open area suddenly becomes private. Whether confidential information is being shared or noise from outside the office becomes distracting, halting the meeting to get up and close the door can disrupt the flow of conversation and hinder productivity. Using a remote control to quickly and discreetly close … Read More

Interior Glass Wall Experts: Avanti Systems USA provides innovative glass wall design solutions for commercial spaces at home and abroad

Office by Avanti

“Led by design.” That is the maxim of Avanti Systems USA (Avanti Systems), renowned for its innovative design, manufacturing and distribution of interior glazed solu-tions, including acoustic solutions, operable walls and door systems. Working out of its Greenwich, Connecticut-based headquarters, the company’s sophisticated technologies and attention to aesthetics have propelled Avanti Systems to the forefront of the interior glass wall market.

Project Spotlight: Harley Davidson

When Avanti Systems was chosen to contribute to Harley-Davidson, we knew that it would be a project that would require a high level of customization to fully capture the spirit of Harley-Davidson and highlight the high-quality products that they produce. Using a variety of Avanti’s products customized to their specifications, we were able to create an office space and showroom … Read More

But Won’t It Break? 4 Glass Wall Misconceptions

Glass Wall Misconceptions - Problems With Glass Walls

Utilizing glass partitions and panels in office design is quickly becoming a go-to for modern and contemporary offices. The benefits of installing glass wall partition systems as a way to create separation in open concept office layouts are far-reaching and not only impact employee health and well-being, but also have benefits as far as sustainability, cost reduction, flexibility, and reduced … Read More

Foldable Glass Partition Walls: Transform Your Office With Ease

Foldable partition walls

The needs of an office are ever-changing. Whether it’s adding workspaces for new personnel, adjusting configurations based on fluctuating needs, or simply adding extra space when necessary, creating an office design that is flexible and customizable is essential to an office that runs smoothly and efficiently. There are many ways to transform an office. Some offices undergo extensive renovations to … Read More

Sliding Pocket Glass Doors Save Space in Office Design

Sliding pocket doors

Designing an office requires an intentional use of the space available. From the layout of individual offices to the location of the conference room, once the big decisions are made, smaller decisions that can have an enormous impact on office productivity will follow. Decisions including where to place desks, plants, seating areas, coat racks, etc. can seem endless. When office … Read More

Best Applications for Acoustic Wall Partitions

Acoustic Partition Wall

Regardless of the room or building, managing noise levels can be tricky for businesses, schools, libraries, etc. Many soundproof wall partition options are portable room dividers or folding partitions that are made from cotton or polyester. While these partitions may reduce the impact of noise, they also have the effect of limiting the line of sight, blocking light, and throwing … Read More

Add a Modern Touch to the Office with Glass Barn Doors

Modern Glass Barn Doors

Let’s face it, office design can quickly slide into the ho-hum typical walled off, cubicle landscape that we’re all familiar with. With a few simple additions and design upgrades, the style of an office can be elevated to become a beautiful and functional place that people look forward to going to each day. To combat the typical office layouts, modern … Read More

4 Reasons Frosted Glass Partitions Are Beneficial for Today’s Offices

Frosted Glass Office Partitions

In today’s offices, glass partitions have become a go-to design element that creates a bright and open work environment while still preserving levels of privacy that are sometimes necessary to complete the day’s work. The benefits of glass partitions in an office space are wide-ranging and include higher levels of productivity, a feeling of connection with the office as a … Read More

5 Health Benefits of Glass Walls and Partitions

On average, people spend about 90,000 hours of their life in the workplace. With this fact in mind, creating a workplace that keeps the health and well-being of employees at the forefront is a no-brainer. Not only should employees be able to come to work in a positive atmosphere, but they should also know that they aren’t putting their health … Read More